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About us

What is MIRTEGO and why you should choose us as your language school?

  • MIRTEGO is a language training project created by SKYsCOOL. Our team has 28 years of experience in language training! We have highly professional teachers and we know how to help you learn foreign languages most effectively!
  • MIRTEGO is a language SCHOOL. We take the reputation of our school very seriously and therefore we are responsible both for a high quality training process and for the teachers we provide, as well as for the payments you make for the studies!
  • MIRTEGO has a status of an educational institution of the Republic of Latvia!
  • MIRTEGO is not a usual online training platform! MIRTEGO is a handy tool developed specifically for online foreign languages training. Each student shall have his or her own study room which includes:
    • Calendar providing convenient coordination of lessons. You will see the available timetable slots of your teacher so you can choose a convenient time for studies.
    • Summary where you can see lessons already taken place and the schedule of upcoming lessons. The scheduled lessons are easy to synchronise with your phone calendar.
    • Management of payments. There’s a convenient tool in the study room to pay for the lessons, and you will always see the balance of your lessons – how many and which lessons have been paid for. There is a loyalty system in MIRTEGO that offers additional discounts for those who study for a longer period and take more lessons.
    • Communication with the teachers and administrator. You will always see information about your teacher and in the internal chat you can contact the administrator about things that are important to you!
    • Reminders. The MIRTEGO platform will remind you about the upcoming lessons, send you a link to the lesson and inform you about all changes in the coordination of lessons.
  • MIRTEGO offers you a comprehensive learning process – individual lessons with a local teacher, e.g. grammar learning, and group lessons to raise the general language level, or maybe you want to improve your conversational language with a native speaker and sometimes participate in a conversational club where students can train their speaking skills in a relaxed atmosphere. The opportunities offered by MIRTEGO are almost endless! Take a trial lesson and you will see how it all works! 😊