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In an increasingly global world, the ability to communicate in multiple languages is becoming imperative for the success of any business. Lack of language skills can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts between companies, suppliers and customers. Lack of language knowledge affects directly every employee’s skills and reduces company’s qualities! An excellent specialist who is unable to answer in English, or an employee who does not understand what a customer asks in Russian or Latvian, affects directly the performance of any company. On the other hand, it is so great that you can address your business partner in German, Swedish, or perhaps Japanese.

We already know that your company’s employees have different levels of language knowledge and they are so busy! Don’t worry, we have several years of experience in testing foreign language skills, dividing people into respective groups, and coordination of the most suitable training times for them! Lessons with our best teachers can take place any day and at any time! Yes, we’ll find the best teacher even for the busiest company manager!

We can certainly help you and believe it wholeheartedly!

MIRTEGO foreign language lessons take place via Skype or Zoom. Language lessons are organised by adapting to your daily schedule and that of your company.

Call us and we’ll find the best solution for your company to improve the language skills of your employees and offer the best possible price!


MIRTEGO will help you in finding the best solution for comprehensive language training for management and employees. We will improve your foreign language skills so you can do the work you’re best at!


MIRTEGO teachers will assess the foreign language skills of your company employees, divide people into groups and develop the most optimal curriculum just for these employees.


Both the general language knowledge as well as the specific knowledge of the business sector corresponding to the employee’s responsibilities are important. MIRTEGO will train your employees to answer by phone and to present their company!


The improvement of foreign language skills of the company management and its employees will raise their qualification and self-confidence to a new level! It is as important as the Educational institution certificate issued by MIRTEGO for the level of acquired language skills!

Why should you choose ONLINE foreign language training?

  • Foreign languages can be studied in an intensive mode because the trainee determines himself the intensity and schedule of the lessons.
  • It’s modern and exciting – in this way one can develop all 5 language skills – grammar, writing, speaking, reading and listening.
  • You can learn foreign languages no matter where you are – in a summerhouse, on business trips or on a holiday.

What can we offer you?

  • Quality. Our team consists only of language industry professionals.
  • A programme, which is suitable to your specific company.
  • Self-confidence when using foreign languages and communicating in a business environment.
  • Professional approach and interaction with clients.
  • Greater confidence and the most effective ability to represent your organisation at international level.
  • Improved speech comprehension skills and clearer pronunciation.
  • Please, tell us about your wishes and opportunities and we will prepare an offer for you

Different organisations and teams need different solutions.

Our language training programs are available fully tailored to the needs of your employees in terms of content, level of urgency, and their preferred learning methods.
Are you looking for general foreign language training or highly specialised content intended for your specific job functions or sector? Or something in-between? Our courses cover a wide range of content and topics, and we will tailor them to your needs. We can offer you specialised courses in the following areas, which are organised individually or together in a group.
Our courses are tailored to job functions, industries and language goals.

Select your job function

Customer services
Sales and marketing
Logistics and supply chain
Project management
Research and development
Equipment and its maintenance
and much more…

Select your sector

Automotive and motorcycling
Banking and finance sector
Hospitality industry (hotels and restaurants)
IT industry
Legal affairs

Defence sector
Office and Human resources
Pharmaceutical industry
Police and immigration
Social life and recreation
and much more…


Business basics
Business communication
Business correspondence
Administration and management
Project management
Marketing tools
Communication and networking
and much more…


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