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About this course

In the basic English course you will acquire language skills which your future foreign language learning will be based on. You sure agree that it is important for the grounds to be strong and stable.
learn Structure of the course

What are you going to acquire during the course?

- Ability to communicate on definite topics
- You will increase your vocabulary
- You will be able to communicate in English while travelling abroad
- You will acquire writing of letters and reading skills
Conversational English practice 0
Writing and Reading practice 0
Listening 0
Grammar 0


You will acquire more than 400 new words and expressions in English (on every level). This will help you to communicate on topics like – family, friends, shopping, travelling, profession etc.


You will be able to read information in English with the help of dictionary (dictionary is necessary only in the initial levels of knowledge). During the course you will write several letters on the topics covered.


During the course you will start communicating with your teacher in English. That way you will acquire the ability to keep the conversation going on about definite topics.


You will acquire the basic knowledge of English grammar and you will be able to form sentences individually and to define your opinions in English.


You will listen to audio materials and watch video materials – songs, films etc. That will help you to perceive and feel English language.

Who is this course suitable for?

- For those who start learning English from the beginnings
- For those who have learned English before but haven’t put the knowledge into practice
- For those who want to continue to improve their knowledge and achieve a higher level of English
Mirtego What you have said about us


A very good language school. All employees are responsive and kind. Teacher Tatiana is very wonderful and nice. I learned a lot and now I understand English better. I would love to go on learning. Wishing you all the best! Good success!

I am very grateful for this opportunity to study with a professional and progressive teacher Tatiana. I liked her approach to teaching, which was not based on old or outdated methods. Her modern approach inspired me.

I studied English (without prior knowledge) at the language school "MIRTEGO". The learning process took place in a positive and attractive atmosphere with an interesting and young, smart – in a word – fantastic teacher. It was exciting to learn English.

Learning through the ZOOM program was special – the first time is likely to be remembered for a long time, giving an idea of what the direct contact means. As a solution to the specific situation was a positive experience!

Before the lessons I was a little afraid to speak English, but the teacher managed to encourage and "open" me, so after a few lessons I was happy to speak. I feel like a winner after the classes – I have both improved my language skills and overcome my fear of speaking, and I have spent the weekday evenings very well!

Thank you for the opportunity to learn at the language school "MIRTEGO". I liked everything, and would like to continue learning with you. I really liked the teaching method of our teacher. She explained everything I did not understand, a very nice personality. I would love to continue learning!

In principle, I was completely satisfied with everything. The teacher was wonderful! It was very good that the time of the classes were convenient for me. I am satisfied with the knowledge acquired. I definitely want to continue learning the next level. And definitely at "MIRTEGO"! Thank you!

I positively evaluate the quality of the courses, the way of teaching. The teacher was very consistent, explaining the topics thoroughly, providing additional explanation. The training materials were good. I welcome the opportunity to practice additional dialogues.

Very nice attitude, knowledgeable teacher. Following the students, their level of knowledge. Finding the right tasks, always everything is prepared on time. Knows her topic, wide worldview.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn English. It is nice that you have new, nice and communicative employees. The teachers are also pleasant and communicative, no doubt these people like their job and are in their right place. Wishing good success and perfect health for your team!

I am happy it is MIRTEGO where I am learning English! I liked the teacher from the very beginning – she is nice, smiling, responsive, with good communication skills, attractive and positive! I definitely wish the same perseverance and work vigor as before !!! =)

Many thanks to MIRTEGO school. I am very satisfied with the learning process and the English teacher, who worked very hard on the pronunciation, which I personally am most worried about, whether everything will be clearly heard in online classes. Everything is great!



Angļu, vācu un ķīniešu valodas pasniedzēja
Angļu un krievu valodas pasniedzējs
Angļu valodas pasniedzējs
Angļu un latviešu valodas pasniedzēja
Angļu un krievu valodas pasniedzēja
Angļu valodas pasniedzējs
Angļu valodas pasniedzēja
Angļu un krievu valodas pasniedzēja
Angļu un krievu valodas pasniedzējs
Angļu valodas pasniedzēja
Angļu, spāņu, latviešu un lietuviešu valodas pasniedzēja
Angļu un latviešu valodas pasniedzēja - palīgs
Angļu un spāņu valodas pasniedzējs
Angļu un latviešu valodas pasniedzēja
Dāņu un angļu valodas pasniedzēja
Franču, angļu, krievu valodas pasniedzēja
Japāņu, angļu, krievu, turku valodas pasniedzēja / palīgs
Angļu un portugāļu valodas pasniedzēja
Latviešu un Angļu valodas pasniedzēja


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